For an Ethiopian mother, if you have a chubby kid, it means you’re doing something good.

Happiness exists when you don’t know a thing.

For me, bomber jackets are smart, but they are also street and have a lot of attitude.

I’m so used to being used. So I love when you call unexpected, Cause I hate when the moment is expected.

For a dreamer, nights the only time of day.

I went from starin’ at the same four walls for 21 years. To seein’ the whole world in just twelve months.

You’re gonna hate him, then you’ll want me, then you’ll miss him, then you’ll hate me.

I just want to keep pushing the envelope without it feeling forced.

Everything I said I’d do I did, I’m good.

I’m the most boring person to talk to.

I’m a prisoner to my addiction I’m addicted to a life that’s so empty and so cold. I’m a prisoner to my decisions.

At one point, I didn’t care. Now I want as many people to hear my music as possible.

Well here comes the sun, You’re in my arms. My denial keeps me on the edge of the chance that you’ll stay through the night.

I want to be remembered as iconic and different.

I’m the drug in your veins, just fight through the pain.

I’m all about evolution. I’m the first person to judge myself.

I’ve grown accustomed to hotels and drastic climate change.

I chose the life, then I realized she might have been the one, I let her go for a little fun.

Baby I’m a pro at letting go, I love it when they come and go.

The Joker is my favorite villain of all time: You don’t know his past; you just know what his plans are.