I’m Sorry Poems

About Our I’m Sorry Poems:

No one is perfect, but the person who takes up the guilt with a kind heart is close to being perfect. Saying sorry, sometimes, is very difficult. It takes a strong and mature person to own up his mistakes or even the mistakes of others. The power of apology is not an overnight skill, it needs a lot of practice. But when one knows how to admit his faults, it can lead to forgiveness and eventually saving a relationship. Knowing how to apologize is very vital and beneficial. It smooths out any conflict and makes someone a better person. In a relationship, disagreements are natural but it can really take a toll in your own lives. It can lead to stress that will affect both parties. But when both of you are mature enough to be humble and say sorry, it will make your lives easier. The art of apologizing is tough yet very satisfying. A person who apologizes is more free and fulfilled than those who hold grudges and hate. And for the person who receives the apology, it mends the broken hearts and restores the stained dignity.

Do not let pride, anger and hurt transform you into a monster, instead be the the better person and know how to ask for forgiveness through these I’m Sorry Poems:

I'm Sorry Poems

I just feel so much guilt,

That my words and actions built.

I know, what I did was wrong,

Tried to avoid it, and be strong.

I’m so sorry, from deep inside,

Clearly guilty, my hands are tied.

It was obviously, all my fault,

I have opened my inner vault

I'm Sorry Poems

I am sorry for my mistakes,

Trust me, my apology is not fake.

I know I could never understand,

I am sorry for the times that I distrait,

I am sorry that I lied,

I'm Sorry Poems

I don’t know what I have done

To upset you to such a degree

I don’t know which fault of mine

Has made you so cross with me

I can’t understand why

You are ignoring me so much

I am shocked why you haven’t

Been keeping in touch

I am sorry for making

You feel so low and down

I am sorry for putting

On your face, an ugly frown

I'm Sorry Poems

I have many times said sorry

I have sent you a lovely apology

But you haven’t responded even once

Now I can’t bear your silence

Please reply from wherever you are

Light up my life like a shining star

Until then I will pray with all my might

For everything between us to become alright

I'm Sorry Poems

I have been stupid

Not to mention silly

For hiding the truth

I am so sorry

I exceeded my limits

I pushed the boundary

For lying to you

This is my apology

I'm Sorry Poems

Sorry for being in denial

Sorry for being defiant

Sorry for being so rigid

Sorry being so adamant

Sorry for being so difficult

Sorry for being so severe

To apologize to you

Darling, I am here

I'm Sorry Poems

Please stop being so angry

On me, stop showering your fury

Please quit being so cross

My life has gone for a total toss

Please refrain from misunderstanding

Our lives, it is further complicating

I won’t take you for granted

None of this for us, I’ve ever wanted

I'm Sorry Poems

I want to apologize to you

In every way possible

I want to make it up to you

On the double

I want to see you happy

As soon as I can

Giving you hugs and kisses

Is the first step of my plan

I am sorry

I'm Sorry Poems

Dull, gloomy and sad

My life right is quite bad

Boring, desolate and dark

My life has lost all spark

Miserable, lost and lonely

This is what remains of me

My only way to redemption

Is to beg for your pardon

I am sorry

I'm Sorry Poems

I am sorry

Is not enough

What I did

Was really rough

I’ll pay a price

For my little bluff

Please don’t make

This more tough

I'm Sorry Poems

I am not saying sorry

Just for its sake

To make you happy again

All efforts I will make

My apology is genuine

Don’t think of it as fake

I’ll keep begging for forgiveness

No matter how long it takes

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