Adults think it’s disrespectful when you don’t let them disrespect you.

Once you start making money, everyone starts becoming your friend.

I just always be myself no matter who I’m around.

I have a huge drive. I was born with nothing. So I was always brought up like: go get it. No matter what. Even if it’s scoping and poking. Rapping and trapping. You know, I did it. I switched my whole grind up from doing that, from scoping and poking, to just getting in a booth and just doing my …

I just hope to continue to be blessed. I know I want to be further than where I’m at today. I know I want to be in a better position than I am in today. Elevate to something bigger. Somebody bigger. Somebody better.

But I feel like I have enough knowledge to get me by in life. Obviously I don’t know everything, but I feel like I have enough knowledge to get me through.

I’m a product of my environment. I grew up in the projects, I’m a project baby. All the project babies can relate to what I say, ‘cause they’re on the same thing. We’re cut from the same cloth, you feel me? We going through the same struggle and all that shit. So, they gonna feel me. And all the other …

I just wanna live a blessed life. Whatever comes with it, you know? And whoever’s supporting me, I appreciate it.

Everybody wanna shine. Nobody wanna grind.

See, you gotta go against all odds, you know? Boss your life up.