I ended up going to college for visual arts but moved up to New York after I graduated from college in 2006 and started going gung ho to the Upright Citizens Brigade and I realized that that was what I was really interested in and what I really wanted to do.

I really really like interior design. I grew up in a really old house outside of Philly that was built in 1821. My mom is really into antiques and my dad is very mid-century. Theyre not together anymore so in the middle of growing up I all of the sudden

I wasnt in the art world at all as a kid I was just creative and we were always doing arts and crafts.

When I lived in Baltimore I would come down fairly often to go to the Hirshhorn and one of my good friends from high school went to Georgetown. I actually ended up going to Annapolis a lot. I had a car and it was such a serene place to drive.

Ive been watching The Cosby Show and Roseanne a lot right now and those work so well because theyre not like jokey comedies they are coming from real characters. We want our show to be like that. A family show.

Museums are interesting. This place where were almost buying admission to take a break from our lives.

I feel like comedy had a boys-club label when we were starting.

I definitely relate so much to a lot of women in comedy but I dont love segregating the genders. Im just as influenced by male comedians as I am female comedians.

When I was in high school my mom worked at Bed Bath and Beyond so I was always there.

Im so thankful for that struggling period. That time is really great where you have no idea whats going to happen.

Art school can be a wonderful place if youre trying to find your voice and your style and your taste.

We couldnt pitch the show without having created one at least one 20 to 25 minute version of Broad City. We wouldnt know how to describe it.

Im from Philadelphia and I go to Philly a bunch throughout the holidays which is my only time to see my family so we get pretty festive around that time of year. Its also the only time I have vacation.

Someone like Amy Poehler I dont know but I feel like I know her. I think everyone feels like they know her.

When we make the show we are always talking about how the show is really in between what we make and what the viewer thinks of it.

I love comedy but I was just obsessed with SNL growing up.

You know how when you get older you actually want to learn? When I went to college I wasnt as interested in the art history classes as I am now.

We love to start from a real place whether its us or our friends or working on a story from a writers friend.

If anything can be art then anyone can be an artist.

Its very natural and simple to me drawing because Ive drawn since I was a kid. Its just the most normal thing for me to do. And its very meditative.

I would love to be at a place where a girl character can also be a role model for young boys.

Why does writer have no gender but actor has a gender? What is that?

You know all those young people watching Comedy Central love Frasier.

If people watch Broad City very closely we just drop lines about people we love just to say we like them.

I just got really into this one girl on Instagram and had her paint little pineapples on my nails during shooting.