Im aiming to do what I need to do for acting and nothing more. Im bowing down to acting.

New York is such a versatile city and theres always something new to discover.

I try to do things that make me feel good. I go to yoga classes drink a lot of water eat healthily and keep things like alcohol and coffee to weekends. I dont overdo anything.

The chi of a room is important to me. If I walk into a hotel room and it doesnt feel right I ask to change.

My favourite outfit was this black lace dress that I found in a vintage shop in Williamsburg New York.

Its because I have no sense of shame that Im always willing to give things a go: Ive ridden horses naked into the sea Ive climbed rocks all kinds of things.

I was always in hospital as a kid: I had a tumour on my knee lots of broken bones. I loved climbing trees.

In the end to do a good accent you just have to be a good listener.

The European girls like the Russians tend to stick together but theres never any rivalry. Sometimes theres a little bit of tension with the older girls because they might feel a little threatened by the younger models but its not between personalities.

A lizard is a perfect pet for a model. They only need feeding once a fortnight. And Im always travelling so its perfect. If I had a dog it would drop dead of starvation.

I see potential in everything. Its about opening your mind to what you can do to the garment: because theyre cheap you can cut them or stitch them and if you stuff it up its fine – its only two dollars.

I dont get sick much because in the U.S. I always eat with my fingers you know to get used to the bacteria.

Lets just say if I werent a model Id be a walking collage. I see my body as a blank canvas thats aching to be decorated I find it all very fascinating.