It used to be that you kind of got pigeonholed into one thing – youre either a stage actor or a TV actor or a movie actor. Today theres a lot of crossover with film actors doing television which never happened before so those lines are a little bit more blurred than they used to be.

I watched so many movies when I was a kid and Id watch them over and over.

Once I came to acting it was almost a thing where there werent enough hours in the day to work on stuff because I was so passionate about it.

I didnt grow up a theatre kid going to theatre camps. I played sports and that was my main direction. But luckily I never had to choose between sports and theatre.

Typecasting is an interesting thing because in a way if youre good at something youre going to work at that thing. In other ways you constantly have to change peoples opinion of you as one thing especially if you want to play different roles. You have to shatter that image sometimes.

I was very unsure about what I wanted to do in high school.

People saw me as just a singer – yeah a pretty face who could sing – and not more than that.

I grew up about 60 miles northwest of New York in Middletown NY.

Its every actors dream to work in a hit show on Broadway and also shoot a television show.

After 9/11 the amount of applicants the FBI received increased exponentially. Whereas you used to require a college degree and it was a small group of people who were just out of college after 9/11 it changed.

I had an acting teacher tell me once that if youre playing a car salesman you dont want to be an OK car salesman you want to play the best car salesman.

Coming from a background of being onstage youre onstage for two and a half hours and youre in it for the whole time no matter what youre doing. Even if you dont have a line you have to stay in it.

I was a very awkward high schooler especially in early high school.

Singing for stage if you dont hear yourself thats when you push and thats when you can hurt your voice sometimes. So if I can hear myself in my ear it really helps me to find that balance of how loud I needed to be singing.

I like auditioning! A lot of people hate it but I like it.

Awards are not something that I measure my work by. Ive been so fortunate and Ive gotten to do such terrific things that it seems petty to look back and say Oh I should have gotten that prize. I dont look at it that way.

I listen to all kinds of music but Ive always been a really big fan of Top 40 radio. If Im in my car thats what I listen to.

I still sing every day – in the shower or on the set all day. Im sure everyone will tell you that I never shut up. But its not in the capacity that I would like to.

I would like to especially in film play against type and do some heavier stuff. Im intrigued by projects that deal with problematic people and things.

Being onstage is just a feeling that you cannot duplicate anywhere else because the energy that the audience is giving you forces you to give more energy. Its such an output and exchange of energy. You cant do that anywhere else.

I watch a lot of television. I always have.

Cats and I have an understanding but we choose not to interact often.