You have to learn how to act a pop song. You have to find the balance of the pop from the pop song and the lyrical significance of the scene you are in.

I want to carry a show but there are not a lot of leading parts for people who are not celebrities.

For A Little Night Music I did try to get little bit more beefed up for that because I thought that would help me carry myself around the stage in that character.

Im trying to go with the flow which is not what I used to do. I used to try to micromanage my career choices.

I always try to make each character my own.

Women are just so much tougher and more patient than men are – their capacity for empathy blows me away. And their capacity to deal with stress for long periods of time is also kind of awe inspiring.

Itll be interesting to raise kids in New York City. Im from suburbia so I dont really have any experience with what its going to be like here.

It was surreal to play opposite Angela Lansbury and Elaine Stritch Bernadette Peters and Catherine Zeta-Jones. There was so much to learn just from watching them and it was an honor to share the stage with women who have accomplished what they have.

In seventh and eighth grade grammar and vocabulary were not my favorite subjects.

My dads paternal grandparents were musically inclined. And I remember as a little kid going to visit them in their senior building and they were like the stars of the building especially hosting and performing in their senior talent show.

The idea of doing a production of Carousel that doesnt feel like its stuck in the 1950s really intrigues me.

Obviously I am a huge Matt Morrison fan and I am a big Lea Michele fan because I know those guys from way back.

Life in New York can be so I dont know chaotic overwhelming busy frantic seniors can easily get overlooked.

Christine Bass was my high school music teacher. She took a program on its last legs and within a few years turned into one of the best programs in the country. Our high school dominated national choir competitions all through her 20-plus year tenure.

I think thats why Im an actor: so I can tell those stories without having to really live through those stories with real consequences and real stakes real responsibility.

Ugh – I wish I could just sit back and watch TV sometimes.

In high school my English teacher Celeste McMenamin introduced me to the great novels and Shakespeare and taught me how to write. Essays poetry critical analysis. Writing is a skill that was painful then but a love of mine now.

I sort of wrongfully judged Mamma Mia! for so long. I thought of it as a jukebox musical that I wasnt interested in. I was so wrong.

I get to sing and act and write and create and produce for a living and share art with people and I feel like a piece of that is in honor of those who came before me.

Before Giant I had only ever worked with Michael Greif Michael John LaChiusa and Kate Baldwin in readings. Its really exciting to be blessed with the opportunity to work with so many I would put in the genius book.

You hear about Broadway your whole life and I learned what it meant to work on Broadway in The Phantom of the Opera.

I went to the opening of Sister Act and I had such a great time. I had no idea what it was about and I had never seen the movies. But I heard the show went through some major last-minute craziness in previews and man opening night was really fun and really entertaining.

My mom tells me the first show we saw was The Secret Garden but I dont remember that.

2009 was crazy enough! I cant believe I worked with Jeremy Irons Joan Allen Marsha Mason Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury Jack OBrien and Trevor Nunn in the same 12 months.

I was just so excited to have a child! I held him up like he was Simba in The Lion King. I wanted to sing The Circle of Life.

Theres parts of it that I connect to – being a father and everything – but Mamma Mia! allows me to go out there and be me and have fun. Ive never really had the chance to do that with so much freedom.