If the role is challenging enough I dont see why I shouldnt play an older man or a father figure. It is not about playing what you are in real life. We are called actors for a reason!

I am happy that I have entertained people and made them happy.

The journey that I have undertaken meeting people from all walks of life and learning from them has been my biggest achievement.

Many people including me thought it was too early for me to play a father to two grown-up daughters but I found the script of Dangal irresistible. I had to do it!

For me the driving emotion of selecting a film is that I just love that story. It may give a message it may not give a message – thats fine. I just loved it.

Creative people have no barriers. Ultimately its connecting with human beings. Theres just one planet. I dont see it as different countries.

When I prepare for a role I try to get inside the characters head and understand him.

Essentially it is the director who is the creative head of a film. The final authority on all decisions lies with the director. That is how it should be. And then other team members can give their creative inputs.

Our choices are quite different: what attracts Salman and Shah Rukh are I think quite different from what attracts me. So in that sense we are quite different but I think we are fortunate to have had the kind of success that weve had.

I feel that in India we have films that have tackled various issues over the years but perhaps one of the issues that weve tackled less is the issue of caste-ism. Thats an issue weve more or less stayed away from… although we touched on it briefly in some films like Lagaan.

I am not a perfectionist. Perfection doesnt exist in real life. Its a wrong title for me.

When I was new I didnt know where my career will go. Initially my films were not even successful but then I learned a lot from my mistakes.

I do what I feel is right. I am not scared to walk on the new path and take risk.

When material comes to me I dont care where its coming from. Japan Singapore China Africa… it could be from everywhere. The material should excite me. Its not important where its coming from.

I dont see myself as an activist. I understand that people with me doing Satyameva Jayate for example they will feel that Im being an activist but Im not. Actually Im not as I see it as a person who is very very – takes up one issue and remains with that one issue for his entire life. Im not …

I dont believe in strategies. I love what I am doing thats the main thing.

The way actors interact with their audience via Twitter is a part of their personality. So if I interact less that is a part of my personality. I am mostly lost in my own world.

When I am shooting a film then everything goes soft focus. My family also complains that I dont give them time.

I have had unsuccessful films but I learned a lot from those films. I give my failures as much importance as my success.

For me acting is not a job. It is something I love. I dont do these things for awards or rewards. I do them because I love challenges.

If 10 people see my movie and all ten really love it then that means a lot to me rather than ten million people go and see it and most of them hate it.

As an actor the best way I can hope to promote greater social understanding is through my work. If I can communicate with people and touch their hearts through Dangal perhaps eventually I can help change their minds.

I understand that Im able to connect with people I have an emotional bonding with people. My strength lies in my ability to tell stories and to touch peoples hearts and to move them.

My films are so new and unique that I dont know where I will end up. Fear keeps me alert. And its also a part of an excitement.

There must be a story within him/her that wants to come out. Thats the reason why Dil Chahta Hai Lagaan and Rang De Basanti worked so well: Ashutosh Farhan and Rakesh had a story inside them. Its very important that the director should have the fire in the belly to tell the story.