Quotes About Infidelity in Relationships

quotes about infidelity in relationships

Impact of Infidelity

You might notice that even those people for whom cheating has never been the norm or an acceptable option, can change their ways. Even those who have been treating their partners carefully and respectfully for years have invested their soul in the relationship. Yet you cannot ever know what a person was thinking when deciding to go with such a desperate act…

I truly believe that there is no “right” and “wrong” relationship. People like to categorize things as if it’s all black and white. “Tell me, are the relationships that I am in normal/full-fledged? Can they have a bright future? Is this the right relationship or not? Should I end it or continue?” If you are not sure and would like to continue your life with someone else, visit the following website to meet single women online.

In my opinion, the answer to these questions can only be given by the person himself. Evaluation of relations cannot be calculated or derived on the basis of some external criteria, like what should be in the relationship, what should not, or how much love we need. But the answers to various questions about relationships can be obtained by honestly asking yourself or a partner what you care about.

So, as you can see, relationships are hard and complex, and infidelity, partner’s reasons for it, and what he was thinking at that time are just as complex. Thus, people have expressed their feelings on it in many different ways, and today we have compiled some of the best quotes about infidelity:

Quotes About Infidelity

  • Female infidelity does not exist. There is either revenge for male betrayal or a new love.
  • If a person speaks beautifully, then his lies are even more beautiful…
  • When you drop a glass or a plate on the floor, there is a loud sound. When the glass breaks, it produces noise. But when the heart gets broken, it is broken silently.
  • There are actions that cannot be forgiven. There are words that cannot be forgotten. There are moments after which the closest people go separate ways.
  • If to love, then to love a woman you won’t be afraid to get caught by your wife with.
  • To incline a man to treason, one should just marry him.
  • The sooner you celebrate deliverance from someone who made you suffer, the more you will give life to someone who will not do the same.
  • Never a man is so gentle as after being forgiven for his infidelity.
  • Do not worry if your wife had someone before you: it is worse if she has someone after.
  • Many wives would not cheat on their husbands if they knew a subtler way of revenge.
  • It is hard for women to come to cheating, but after they do, they do not stop.
  • A woman is such a subtle being that she begins to feel sorry for you a few days before her act of cheating.
  • If your wife cheated on you, do not ask how many times has she done it because it can really hit you.
  • When Cupid pierces us with his arrows, we feel no pain. It only hurts when he pulls them back …
  • Only the one who gave him the most happiness can cause the greatest pain to a person …
  • There is only one love, but thousands of counterfeits.
  • Infidelity is the engine of history. Creativity is inspired by cheating.
  • Cheating is when a man or woman lives with a man, not loving him, due to some kind of benefit or circumstance. And hugging him, she thinks about how she would like to be in a different bed with a young and beautiful man now. This is worse than just sex on the side.
  • Do not make acquaintance with those who prefer new friends to old ones. If they have traded their old and tested comrades for someone else, they will do so to everyone they meet.
  • A clever woman hides from her husband not only her infidelity but also his own infidelity from himself.

In conclusion

Despair is a very complex feeling that can push us to a variety of actions. But in the case of truly significant relationships, it is important to be extremely careful and cautious. If you are having trouble coping with a lost relationship, visit https://www.goodtherapy.org/learn-about-therapy/issues/infidelity.

Probably, there is no universal answer for how to behave in the case when there is “something wrong” with relations. Should I follow my love? What is permissible, and what is not?

In any case, I would like to wish all couples honesty and mutual respect that they are capable of.

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