A. Philip Randolph Quotes

Asa Philip Randolph was a trade unionist of the workers ‘ Movement and the Civil Rights Movement in the united States. He was born in the Crescent City. His father was the pastor of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and moved his family to Jacksonville in 1891. In 1911, Randolph moved to New York, specifically to Harlem, looking to become an actor.
The parents of Randolph were against the art aspirations of the son, so that, once in New York University went on to study Economics and Politics. It was at this university where he met his wife, Lucille Green, a professor who left his job to open a beauty salon when her first husband died.
Together with his wife and the student Chandler Owen created The Messenger, a radical magazine in Harlem in 1917.
After the marriage, the political activities of Randolph did lose customers to your woman .

and it was a great political leader

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